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These are the lovely ladies of our herd!

PNP Tangled EPP

D.O.B. - 10/16/2013

Color- Oak Brown

Markings- Slight Snowflake, Full Mask

Sire- SPB Cadbury

Dam- PNP Paella

Came to us from 

Personality- Tangled takes a min to warm up. Once she warms up, she is a sweetheart. 


D.O.B 12-27-13

Color- Algerian grey

Sire- SHH Casper

Dam- BBH Kahrma

Came to us from www.beachbumhedgehogs

Very active is on the go all the time


D.O.B 11-21-13

Color Brown Badger

Sire FHF Kraven

Dame MMF Tambara

Came to us from

PNC Biggie

D.O.B 4-10-17

Color Choclate Badger

Sire REN MR Holland opuse

Dame PNC Karma

Came to us from