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Policy Page

Please read our policy page if you are thinking of getting a baby from us. Please pay special attention to the information under Sales, Returns, and Guarantees 

The above quoted area covers our sales policy which states that, We have the right to refuse a sale of the hedgehogs for any reason and at any time before the completion of a sale.

Returns: I will always take a hedgehog back, but it is just that a surrender and no refund will be gave.

Reasoning: I will still take ANY hedgehog produced here back, but please understand that any hedgehog brought back has to go to the vet again and go through a 30 day quarantine holding period. Only after the vet check gives a good bill of health, and the 30 days is up it can be up for rehoming or kept here. During those 30 days it has to be handled, keep warm, and be located away from the other hedgehogs. Hedgehogs brought back are more likely to have health issues or socialization issues. All of which will need work with before the hedgehog can be rehomed.

Health Guarantees: We only guarantee hedgehogs that where produced by us the only ones that are Health Guarantee is if you keep your hedgehog on Spikes Delight. Spikes Delight sends me a list every of who has bouught hedgehog food from them.From congenital defects for two years. We do this because that is the guarantee given to us when purchasing hedgehogs for our herd. If your hedgehog has WHS a Necropsy must be done, as proof that it has it. If the necropsy report says it is positive for WHS, then you will be gave another hedgehog. Please understand that the Veterinary cost of previous treatment are the owner's responsibility and we WILL NOT cover or reimburse the owner. Knowing if this happens its very important to us, so please keep in contact with us. If you believe your hedgehog has WHS and your vererinatian agrees please contact us. We also know of a lab we would like to have them sent too.

Anytime an animals passes suddenly please contact your vet. In case of WHS and other disorders it is best to have a necropsy done. The animal must be kept cool, but not frozen after death. Most pet owners want to bury their companion right way, but that leaves a lot of un-answered questions. You would still be able to bury your companion after the veterinarian collects the needed samples. We are here to offer support both before and after the hedgehog goes home with you. Please feel free to ask questions and to contact us.