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We are pleased to offer a selection of Cages and Supplies

Deluxe Cage Set up $110.00



Deluxe Cage 30X18X16 2 Cage liners, Carolina Storm Wheel, Food Dish,16oz Water bottle, Litter pan, Bedding Spikes Delight hedgehog food.

Everything you need to get Started 

Can Ship Shipping will be Extra

Tub Cage 

Tub  Cage Delux Set up


Everything you need to get Started

30 gal tub

Comes with 

Carolina Storm wheel

Food Dish 

16 oz Water bottle

Litter Pan

PVC Pipe


2 pound Spikes Delight 




Price $12.67

$18.85 to be shipped


 Storm Wheels

We Have This Amazing Wheel on Hand we use them and recomend them

Quiet and Easy to Clean 11.5. inches



 Price $25.00


Wheels have to be pick up or there will be a delivery carge if you want them shipped

Supper Pet

Hi- Corner Litter Pan

Easy to Keep Clean and Take out of your cage


Price $8.00

Litter Pans have to be pick up here ot there will be a delivery carge for shipping

Spikes Delight Hedgehog Food

Spikes Delight

 Hedgehog Food. Please allow 1 -2 Weeks for Shipping. Spikes Delight Ultra is the only food we use here at Prickly paws hedgehogs. We believe that Spike's Ultra is the best hedgehog food on the market. This food has been tested by Numerous breeders to ensure the best possible blend of Protein, fat, fiber, Minerals and other nutrients to meet hedgehogs unique needs We Strongly suggest you purchase at lest one bagg of Spike's Ultra Delight. When you take your new pet home. It is important to accumulate to its new home. first and to change the diet later. if you find it necessary to do so If you choose not to purchase Spike's Ultra Delight we can not offer any assistance with Shipping stress problems because the main solution is a prevention of this diet related problem. After your Pet Purchase Shipping directly to your home is available through pet pro Products 1-877-8310 or you will receive a 10% discount on purchase id you use Evagene Dean or Prickly Paws Hedgehogs. As your Purchasing reference. We have found that are bag of food will last approximately 100 days. This is determined by using 1 TBSP per day.