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Hedgehog Care

We Take Pride In Raising Happy Healthy  Hedgehogs and want to make sure they find the best homes possible!!

At Prickly Paws we are here to help you any way we can before and after Sale Support!!

Hedgehog Central Is a good Web site That gives you Information about Hedgehog Care

Viset them Click Photo



Caring For your Baby:

Hedgehog Care is relatively low maintenance cleaning and feeding. Baby Hedgehogs need to be played with every day at lest for 30 min a day this will help them bond to you. Hedgehogs are exotic pets once handled and cared for they can become one of the best pets you have ever had they are nocturnal they prefer to be handled during the evening or night.


Bring Baby Home

you will need something to take your baby home in We sell Transport cages for $5.00 if you chose not to get one from us you will need your own transport cage. 

your baby will take some time to a just to you and there new home it will take them around 3 days to adapted to there new home and Smells. Some Hedgehogs bond quicker than others Holding and spending time with your Hedgehogs will help you both bond putting a sock or shirt with your sent will also get them use to your sent and help them bond we strongly suggest Spike's Delight hedgehog food. it will help with the stress of traveling. we can not support traveling support if this food is not purchased.

Cage and Supplies

We Sale and Recommend are cage set up  Deluxe cage comes with everything you need to get started.

NOTE *We do not recommend you get a Aquarium for a cage its hard to clean and grows Bacteria that can be harmful to your hedgehogs health

However for you that choose to get your own set up here is what you will need!

Cage- Guinea Pig Cage or 30 gal bin is recommend NO WIRE ON BOTTOM OF CAGE.

Wheels- We sell and use Carlina Storm Wheels for are hedgehogs.

 You will need a Bucket wheel 10"-12'' NO Wire Wheels.

Water Bottle

Food Dish- Small dish 

Heater- We recommend a Ceramic reptile heater 100wt-150wt to keep cage worm during winter months your cage needs to stay at 75-80 

Bedding-we use Pine pellets as our bedding. Our cage set up come with fleets liners or your Choice of Pine pellets 

You can use carefresh we find it don't have good odder control

NOTE* Do not use corn cob bedding or Ceder Most hedgehogs are allergic to this type of bedding

Food we use Spike's Delight We highly recommend this food for the health of your hedgehog as cat food is known too cause fatty liver. you will receive 10% off if you referrer us use Prickly Paws Hedgehogs or Evagene Dean.

Veterinary Care Hedgehogs are Hardy animals they do not require routine         vaccinations they are susceptible to mites can be in bedding Vets we currently use are or carried by other animals they are easy controlled with medication from your vet. Please make a note Hedgehogs are Exotic animals, and many vets do not treat them I highly recommend locating a veterinary in your area that will treat    

Veterinarian we use and recommend is

Angleheart Veterinary Care

Dr Lea Angela Mayer, Veterinarian,Colorado Springs,Co

719-393-0939 cell 719-452-0922                           


We recommend you give you hedgehog a bath Evey couple week to often can make them have dry skin. 2-3inches of water hedgehogs can not swim.

We use baby shampoo

Tooth brush to scrub quills 


Spikes Ultra Delight

This is the only food feed it is the best hedgehog food on the market. We sell this food and you can also get ii shipped to you, Get a 10% discount from Pet Pro Products 1-877-977-8310 you will receive a 10% discount if you use Evagene Dean or Prickly Paws Hedgehogs as your Purchasing reference.